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The Stone Church Committee is made up of village residents that are interested in restoring the Historic Stone Church. They hold several fund raising events throughout the year and are actively involved with the Village Board.To be a member contact Clerk/Treasurer Amber Bell at
Barbara Trendell
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Maryln Nassimos
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Thomas Farrow
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Mary Howlett
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David Grossman
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Donna Wright
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Catherine Cole
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Stone Church Facts

How Much Do You Know About the Old Stone Church?


1.       What religious denomination held services in the Stone Church?

        The Old Stone Church was an active Congregational Church.


2.       How old will the Stone Church be in 2013?

        The structure will be 180 years old in 2013. Building began in 1833 and was completed in 1845.


3.       Where did the materials come from to build the Stone Church?


              The stone for the church came from our local quarry, then Putnam, who was a member of the congregation. The church is constructed from limestone and held together with crushed limestone that is mixed with cement and wood ashes which hardened like the stone itself. The masonry is as strong today as the day it was built and in superb condition.


4.       What year was the last church service held at the Stone Church?

The last service was held in 1959. After that the doors of the church were closed to the public until the open houses held in September 2011 and May 2012. 


5.       What year was the Stone Church placed on the National Registry of Historic Places?


The Stone Church was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1979.


6.       Are there any living members of the former church congregation?


There are no living members of the former congregation. Charlie Miner was the last living member who died on December 14, 2010.